Qualifiers for National Finals 2016
Venados Newells

Champions liga CUM, Merida, Mexico 2014/15
Rayados Merida 2001

Finalist Copa Rayados, Monterrey, Mexico April 2015
Rayados Merida 2000

Champions liga CUM, Merida, Mexico 2013/14
Rayados Merida 2001

Champions liga Rogers, Merida, Mexico 2012/13
Rogers School 2001

Finalist Copa Rayados, Monterrey, Mexico April 2013
Rayados Merida 2001

Finalist liga Rogers, Merida, Mexico 2011/12
Rogers School 2001


Trials – Celtic, Scotland – summer 2017

Represented Yucatan State — La Paz national tournament, 2017

Selected for trials by Monterrey Rayados academy — summer 2015

Trained with Preston North End academy — summer 2014

Represented Rush Merida — Denver Cup, 2013

Represented Yucatan State — Durango national tournament, 2011

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